Our Mission

We aim to influence communities through leadership empowerment programs and the implementation of community-based projects.

Our Vision

We are a movement with a mandate to influence leaders for meaningful impact in their communities.

Who we are

IMAC-Africa is a part of the Change Mandate that God gave to the founder and Presiding Bishop of IMAC, Bishop Joel Oluwafemi (Ph.D.), in 1992 to influence church leaders. However, IMAC was official inaugurated in 2020.

We are a growing, dynamic, and vision-driven movement of ministries founded on Christian principles and values. We are inspired by the compelling vision of transformation in administration for the African Continent on the platform of resourceful training to raise leaders who will impact their immediate community.

Our experiences in the United Kingdom strongly indicate the great potential as a movement in training rich in development opportunities and communities focused projects.

Our mission as a movement is to reform Africa’s leadership perspectives and mindset. Ours is indeed a mission of change in leadership, driven on the platform of capacity building and sustainable communities’ projects.

Churches can strive in their communities by engaging with them. We believe in a community church that adds value to its immediate community.